Age Verification System

Age Verification Simplified

eZverifi’s automated age verification service verifies ages instantly, facilitating access for eligible users while preventing underage interactions. Ideal for age-sensitive sectors, ensuring compliance and safety.

age verification

Effortless Age Checks: Online Age Verification

Quickly confirm user ages against predefined thresholds. Our system automates access for age-restricted offerings, ensuring compliance and accuracy with eZverifi’s support. Our age verification can be customized to meet specific business needs, offering a seamless experience for your unique customer base.

Global Document Recognition

Access a vast database of document types and multi-language support, ensuring accurate verification user everywhere

Smart Image Guidance

Utilize advanced technology to guide users, ensuring high-quality images and improved verification success rates from the start.

Robust Security Analytics

Secure and Analytical: Sophisticated analytics and device fingerprinting bolster security, effectively preventing fraud in each verification session

Real-Time Liveness Checks

Seamless Security: Our technology provides real-time liveness detection to enhance security during verification without disrupting the user experience, ensuring whether they’re old enough.

Seamless Compliance with Age Requirements

Our automated age verification ensures integrity, helping protect minors and adhere to strict regulations without hassle.

Customizable Verification

Adapt per Need: Tailor age thresholds to fit your business, catering to diverse markets and user demographics effectively.

Broad Document Coverage

Global Document Acceptance: Recognize a wide array of identity documents from over 200 countries, leaving no user unverified.

Multilingual ID Verification

Universal Language Support: eZverifi offers age verification in multiple languages, ensuring clear communication and a smooth process for users worldwide.

How Age Verification Works

Extract & Verify Age

age verification

Customize Verification Settings

Ensure Security and Privacy

Global Compliance Simplified

Overcome verification challenges worldwide with our adaptive solution that meets international standards, reducing your compliance burden.

Affordable Implementation

Access advanced technology affordably. eZverifi provides scalable pricing tailored for small to medium businesses, supporting different growth stages and ensuring the user’s age is accurately verified.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Ensure services are accessed by age-appropriate users to build trust and enhance customer loyalty, reinforcing your brand’s integrity.

Fast Market Access

Set up your verification system swiftly to accelerate market entry and expansion without delays.

Easy Age Verification Steps - Verify for Age-Restricted

Follow these three simple steps to enhance your Verification strategy with eZverifi.

Identify Requirements

Determine your specific needs for age verification to ensure compliance and enhance user experience.


Get Personalized Advice

Reach out for a personalized discussion to customize the Age Verification solution to fit your business model.


Initiate Implementation

Complete the form below to implement a seamless age verification system and boost your compliance strategy.


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