Frequently Asked Questions

Reduce the risk... when dealing with other trusted prescreened small businesses and consumers through eZverifi.

eZverifi is 100% dedicated to facilitating a safe and convenient exchange of face-to-face transactions between its member(s). Our members will support and protect each other as eZverifi has designed an easy and safe system to link it’s users.  TO MAKE ONLINE SAFE!

If you like shop, date or work with others online, eZverifi will record transactions across all platforms to maintain a safe and convenient data resource for our members.  We provide an actual face and other data to validate the other party is actually who they say they are.  “eZverifi, protects you, your family and colleagues.”

No, eZverifi is not responsible for the exchange of funds from any member transaction(s). The seller(s) and buyer(s) will continue to use the service of the existing online platform they posted their item, to finalize their transaction.

All eZverifi Members are validated through the Activation process and they have nothing to hide.  Our custom designed app is convenient for mobile access to our services.  So, before our members agree to meet a stranger, for business, social or to buy/sell an item, they can easily verify them with eZverifi.

As a member, before your agree to meet someone or invite someone into your home, just login, enter the email or phone of the other party on the eZverifi app (android or iOS) or Website – to enter eZverifi’s Validation System! One of three (3) things will happen: The other person will be validated as a vetted member of eZverifi. If not validated, the other party will be forward to a link; with a message that an eZverifi Member is interested in doing business, sell or buy an item. The non-member will be invited to provide information to be verified for our members to complete the transaction. If the non-member’s data fails to meet eZverifi criteria, they will not be recommended to our eZverifi member(s).

eZverifi will provide a Member Profile for each member, with simple email or phone, rating and a photo of the each party. So both members will know who they are going to meet and eZverifi will have a digital record of both parties. Each individual portal will allow the member to provide additional information rating the transaction, with an internal date, time and location footprint.

eZverifi will receive an alert based on the authorization code when the transaction is complete, if there were any complications. Our system will allow for the incident to be reported to eZverifi for inquiry.

eZverifi is designed to track member transactions, across all Consumer to Consumer Platforms, in our database. All historical data is important to the safety of our members.

Yes, there is a flexible and affordable pricing schedule of Members to choose from. (see the Fee schedule posted on the Website – under the ‘Pricing’ tab.)  $9.99 Activation Fee and several options to perform individual verifications.

Depending on which Fee Option you choose, you can pay a one-time registration fee, and only pay as you need the services for $2.49. Or you can choose one of two (2) payment plans to receive a volume discount. The eZverifi Network is built on Security and Privacy!  All member’s data is securely protected.

To be an eZverifi member, you must be at lease eighteen (18) years of age.

Yes! eZverifi has employed comprehensive organizational, physical and technical means to protect your data. We use an encrypted transmission process and employ attentive data security services from our hosting provider.

Yes, we are will provide periodic promotions to offer discounts to targeted Groups and Organizations.

eZverifi has no responsibility for communications members may have outside of our platform. However, we recognize that members will use an array of online marketplaces and social networks to initiate and process many transactions. Please use our services wisely!