Safely Verify Identities

Know Who are You Meeting, Online or In Person?

Join eZverifi Pre-screened Consumers and Small Businesses

Confidently verify consumers

Confirm the authenticity of consumer-provided information against rich datasets, including credit data, public data and device data.


Provide great experiences

Transact with confidence while providing consumers with exceptional, friction-right experiences.


Confidently verify consumers

Distinguish good returning customers from suspected fraudsters, even if identity elements have changed.

Stop taking risk, be safer with eZverifi!

Here’s what you can do with eZverifi

Our global online and offline datasets triangulate, match and verify consumer-provided data, helping businesses better understand consumers to make more informed decisions and cultivate trust.

Smiling Faces

Detect fraud early

Uncover synthetic or fabricated identities at the point of origination — well before your business engages with a potential fraudster.

Count on reliable risk scores

Gain insights into identity risk categorized as high, medium or low, drawing on accurate and reliable verification summaries.

Receive real-time risk alerts

Receive notifications of portfolio data discrepancies as they occur, as well as other suspicious or fraudulent information.

Enjoy flexible data delivery

Integrate into existing workflows via real-time API integration, web application or batch processing.

Better data

Smarter decisions

More results

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