P2P Verifications

P2P Exchange User Verification

Safe and Reliable Exchanges in Your Marketplace

In the bustling world of peer-to-peer marketplaces, trust is your currency. eZverifi brings the assurance of identity verification, ensuring every exchange is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

Verify with Trust and Confidence: Stay Safe with eZverifi

Secure P2P Exchange Platform

Essential for trust and safety, peer verification of user identities protects both buyers and sellers in every transaction.

Safer Community

We created a trusted environment with trusted identity verification methods where every member’s identity is verified, fostering confidence and stronger community ties for a seamless user experience.

Robust ID Checks

Essential for trust and safety, verifying identities protects both buyers and sellers in every transaction.

Security Partnership

eZverifi is committed to being your ally in security, continuously working to safeguard your marketplace’s integrity.

Peer-to-Peer Identity Verification

Secure Every Exchange or Meetup

Elevate the safety of all your online interactions. eZverifi not only boosts security but also builds trust, smoothing every transaction with rigorous verification.

Our Peer Verification Process

Step 1

Send Verification Request Through the Marketplace

Initiate a verification request and provide verification requirements through the eZverifi P2P marketplace app to anyone you plan to meet from dating apps, online marketplaces, or classified ads, ensuring the first interaction is always secure.

Step 2

Consent and Privacy

Both parties must consent to the verification since the system will require users to provide personal information. Our process respects your privacy, sharing only necessary verification status and a photo.

Step 3

ID Verification

Each party uses their mobile device to take a selfie and the app will prompt users to upload a photo of their government-issued ID. Our system verifies the identity of users in seconds, ensuring accuracy and security for authentication in a secure way.

Step 4

P2P Exchange Verification Status

Once the verification protocol is complete, both individuals receive confirmation, ensuring the authenticity of each user’s identity.

Step 5

Engage with Confidence

With verification complete, proceed with your peer-to-peer interaction confidently, knowing both parties are confirmed and secure.

How eZverifi Identity Verification Keeps You Safe

Secure Every Interaction

Secure Every Interaction (main header)
Rely on eZverifi for comprehensive verification services that enhance safety and privacy in all your peer-to-peer activities, from selling to socializing.

Privacy First

eZverifi prioritizes your privacy, sharing only essential data to ensure trust and safety in your interactions.

Top Security Assurance

Experience unparalleled security with eZverifi’s robust verification system, ensuring every transaction is safe and dependable.

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Get Verified, Get Secure

Start Transacting with Confidence Today

Sign up for eZverifi’s P2P Verification service directly from your smartphone. Enjoy secure, trusted interactions in every exchange—whether you’re buying, selling, or meeting new people. Join now and make safety a priority in your online dealings.