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Notary Verification Simplified

Streamline your notarial services with eZverifi’s secure and efficient verification solutions. Ensure every document is authenticated promptly and reliably, maintaining compliance and building trust in every transaction.

Notary Services: Seamless & Secure Document Authentication and Certificate

Transform traditional notary services with eZverifi’s cutting-edge verification technology, incorporating state-commissioned digital seals and meeting the specific requirements of the county in which the notary is commissioned. Ensure documents are authenticated quickly and securely, reducing the possibility of fraud and enhancing operational efficiency.

Reliable Document Verification

Guarantee the authenticity of every document with our thorough verification process, ensuring compliance with legal standards, the secretary of state's requirements, and county laws.

Streamlined Operations

Optimize your notarial tasks with our user-friendly platform that simplifies and accelerates document handling and verification, including the application of digital seals and signatures.

Continuous Support

Rely on eZverifi’s continuous support and innovation to keep your notary services at the forefront of security and convenience.

Trust & Accuracy

Increase confidence in notarized documents among all parties by maintaining high accuracy and integrity in the verification process.

How Identity Verification Works - Authenticate your Document

Step 1

User takes a photo of their identity document

eZverifi streamlines ID verification with smart guidance and real-time feedback, ensuring accuracy without manual input.

Step 2

Document Authentication

Our technology confirms user presence through a simple selfie, verifying authenticity without complicating the process. Authenticate your document with ease.

Step 3


eZverifi quickly processes data using AI, delivering swift, accurate verification decisions customized to your needs.

Streamline Your Notary Public Services

Adopt eZverifi to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and trust in your notary services, positioning you as a leader in modern notarial practice, recognized across counties.

Workflow Optimization

Automate and streamline your verification processes, reducing time spent on each transaction and allowing you to handle more clients effectively, including automated fee calculations for notarial services.

Accuracy in Verification

Utilize precision technology to ensure error-free verifications, minimizing risks of inaccuracies and increasing reliability.

Boosted Credibility

Enhance your professional reputation by using advanced verification solutions, reassuring clients of your commitment to security and authenticity.

Agency Business Growth Opportunities

Expand your market reach with the ability to serve clients remotely and securely, attracting more business through innovative verification services that include secure digital signatures.

Notary Verification Enhanced

Streamline operations and elevate security with eZverifi’s robust identity verification solutions designed for notaries. Ensure compliance, protect document integrity, and enhance client trust efficiently with our service that meets county and state requirements.

Efficient Verification

Confirm identities quickly and accurately with eZverifi’s streamlined process, reducing time and enhancing efficiency for notaries commissioned in any county.

Advanced Security

Enhance protection with top-tier encryption and fraud detection, ensuring secure transactions and client confidence.

Seamless Integration

Integrate effortlessly into your existing notary workflow. eZverifi’s system complements your operations without disrupting them, perfectly integrating with office protocols and secretary of state compliance requirements.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain adherence to both local and international legal standards with eZverifi’s comprehensive verification, including certification processes approved by the secretary of state and aligned with county regulations.

Document Integrity

Verify document authenticity with timestamped records, providing a reliable audit trail for every notarization.

Mobile Access

Facilitate remote identity verifications via mobile devices, perfect for notaries on the go and enhancing client convenience, especially for those commissioned in any county.

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Authenticate Your Document with a Notary Public

Start Verifying Identities Today

Streamline your notarial operations with eZverifi’s robust identity verification solutions. Complete the form to unlock bespoke features that enhance efficiency and security, including customized signature verification and digital seal applications.

Key Benefits with eZverifi:

Efficient Verification: Now with advanced signature verification and seal authentication to uphold county-level compliance. Speed up client verifications with our streamlined process, reducing wait times and increasing productivity.

Enhanced Security: Employ advanced encryption and fraud detection to protect sensitive client information.

Flexible Integration: Seamlessly integrate our system into your existing notary workflow, ensuring minimal disruption and adherence to county requirements.

Global Compliance: Ensure adherence to local and international notary standards with our comprehensive verification, including secure certificate issuance and signature validation.

Dedicated Support: Please reach out for any inquiries. Access expert guidance tailored to the unique needs of notarial services, enhancing your ability to serve clients effectively.

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