Age Verification for Online Purchases

Secure Age Verification System for Age- Restricted Online Purchases

Streamline compliance and build customer trust with eZverifi’s efficient age verification service,
aligning with the most up-to-date age assurance practices. Ensure only eligible users access your
age-restricted offerings.

Streamlined Age Verification System; Simple, Fast, Secure

Age verification establishes trust and safety across various industries, from delivery services to
online gaming, ensuring minors are adequately protected. Ensure your operations meet age
requirements effectively and sustainably.

Assured Compliance

Ensure legal adherence and protect your licenses with eZverifi, which restricts access to age- appropriate users seamlessly.

Simplified User Experience to Verify ID

Our technology minimizes user effort during verification, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially in online age verification processes.

Brand Safety Ensured

Maintain a safe, trusted environment by ensuring only suitable age groups access your services.

Boost Conversions

Enhance conversion rates with our rapid and user-friendly verification process, streamlining customer access and ensuring compliance with age verification laws.

How Age Verification Works

Extract and Verify Age
  • Seamless Age Retrieval: Automatically extract the date of birth from identification
    documents using advanced technology for precise age verification.
  • Instant Compliance Checks: Automatically enforce age restrictions by comparing
    extracted data against customizable age thresholds, ensuring immediate compliance and
    safety in line with age verification laws.
  • Flexible Thresholds: Tailor verification processes to your specific business requirements,
    supporting various minimum age criteria essential for diverse services and products.
  • Robust Safeguards: Enhance user verification with additional security measures,
    including fraud detection and liveness checks, to confirm authenticity and presence.
  • Privacy and Safety: Maintain a secure and appropriate environment for all users by
    upholding stringent privacy standards and ensuring age-appropriate access.

Optimize Your Verification Strategy

Enhance your global outreach and security with our adaptable and precise age verification
solutions, tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Customized Verification

Adapt our age verification to meet your unique business needs, ensuring seamless integration and
precise audience targeting.

Global Precision

Leverage our extensive database for worldwide coverage and multi-language support, ensuring
accuracy and broad accessibility.

Guided Image Submission

Our advanced technology aids users in providing clear verification photos, increasing the success
rate of initial attempts.

Secure, Intelligent Verification

Enhance transaction security with our sophisticated analytics and real-time liveness detection,
effectively preventing fraud.

Secure Age Verification Simplified

Opt for eZverifi’s reliable, efficient age verification solutions, designed to meet specific industry
needs with global accuracy and advanced security. Enhance your operations with eZverifi and

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant effortlessly. Our system ensures adherence to legal standards globally, preventing penalties and enhancing your business’s integrity.

Optimized User Experience

Experience seamless verification. Our technology reduces user effort, accelerates the process, and boosts satisfaction and retention.

Flexible Scaling

Adapt effortlessly from startups to large enterprises. eZverifi handles varying verification volumes with consistent accuracy and reliability.

Optimized Age Verification

Global Document Verification

Verify ages with our extensive global database of identity documents, accommodating diverse user needs.

Fraud Prevention Enhanced

Our system extends beyond document checks to detect and deter fraud, securing a trustworthy platform.

Boost Conversion Rates

Our efficient verification process is optimized to increase user conversions, driving business growth.

Easy Age Verification Steps

Follow these three simple steps to enhance your Age Verification strategy with eZverifi.

Identify Requirements

Determine your specific needs for age verification to ensure compliance and enhance user

Expert Consultation

Reach out for a personalized discussion to customize the Age Verification solution to fit your
business model.

Initiate Implementation

Complete the contact form to start streamlining age verification processes efficiently with
eZverifi’s expert assistance.

Streamline Your Age Verification Process

Ensure compliance and protect your business with eZverifi’s seamless Age Validation solution.
Join the many businesses enhancing customer trust and satisfaction while safeguarding their
operations. Fill out the form now to unlock a world of effortless compliance and security.

With eZverifi, you will:

Streamline Compliance: Transition age restriction adherence into a seamless, hassle-free
process for your business.

Enhance Customer Trust: Foster deeper trust and safety among your customers with accurate,
real-time age verification.

Get Global Reach: Expand your market confidently with age validation capabilities that cover
diverse regions and languages.

Enhance Cost Efficiency: Leverage our cost-effective age validation solution to maintain
compliance without overspending.

Get Dedicated Support: Benefit from the reassurance of ongoing assistance from our
specialized age validation support team.

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