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In the busy real estate industry, agents often go the extra mile to help their clients. But sometimes, when you receive really good service, it can actually cause new problems that you didn’t expect. Itza Mari, an experienced real estate agent, shares a personal story that taught her how important it is to be careful with how she spends her time and to set limits on what she does.  

Itza Mari’s story is about a person who was looking for a new home close to where they already lived. To give great service, Itza would pick up her client and take her back after showing her properties. As time went on, Itza realized that her client had unrealistic expectations. They kept rejecting great choices because they were looking for a perfect home that they could afford.  

The breaking point happened when Itza had to do two tours in one day, one with this client and another one in the opposite direction. Her customer asked for a ride and was very angry when Itza couldn’t give her one. Why She just didn’t want to have to find a parking spot when she got back.  

What happened? The client decided to stop working with Itza Mari, and the real estate agent learned something important.  

Itza Mari’s experience shows that it is important to have limits and use time wisely in the real estate industry. She learned something important that can help all real estate professionals.  

“What I learned from this experience was to be mindful of how I give my time,” Itza shared. “I now pay attention to clues, and if I sense that buyers aren’t consciously participating in the process, I put them on the back-burner while I focus on those who are really ready.”  

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In the world of real estate, every minute counts, and every client interaction should be meaningful. That’s where eZverifi comes in.  

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Benefits of eZverifi for Real Estate Professionals:  

  • Identity Verification: Confirm the identity of potential clients, eliminating the risk of dealing with unverified individuals.  
  • Safety Assurance: Protect your personal safety by knowing who you’re meeting with before the appointment.  
  • Time Efficiency: Invest your time where it matters most by prioritizing clients who are genuinely ready to move forward.  

Itza Mari’s real estate journey taught her a valuable lesson in time management and discernment. As a real estate professional, your time is your most precious resource. eZverifi empowers you to safeguard your time and well-being by verifying potential clients before you meet with them.  

Don’t let unrealistic expectations or unforeseen challenges derail your real estate career. Visit the eZverifi website today and take control of your time and client interactions. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. 


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