P2P Verifications

Verify Like a Pro

Access elite-level identity verification used by businesses, now available for your personal transactions. Ensure every interaction is secure and verified, just like the professionals.

Stay Safe with eZverifi

Verify Confidently

Ensure safety and trust by verifying identities before every peer-to-peer exchange, protecting both parties.

Safer Community

Foster a secure environment by verifying every user, strengthening community confidence and interaction.

Easy Verification

Our user-friendly process ensures quick and thorough identity checks, enhancing safety for all users.

Security Partnership

We’re your dedicated ally in maintaining a safe transaction environment, constantly enhancing security measures.

Trust Guaranteed

Ensure safety and reliability in all your personal transactions—buy, sell, or meet with confidence, knowing identities are verified with the same rigor as business-level security.

Effortless Security

Experience a straightforward verification process that guarantees safe interactions with minimal hassle.

Instant Assurance

Get immediate confirmation of identities, allowing for swift and secure decision-making during transactions.

Confidential and Secure

We prioritize your privacy, ensuring that your personal information is protected throughout the verification process.

Global Verification

Verify identities no matter where transactions take place, with support for documents from over 100 countries, ensuring reliable and extensive verification coverage.

How P2P Verification Works

Step 1

Initiate Verification

When you find a room for rent or any transaction on an online marketplace, simply request identity verification.

Step 2

Mutual Consent & Privacy

Both parties agree to the verification process, ensuring privacy with only a photo and verification status shared.

Step 3

Get Verified in 10 Seconds

Using your mobile device, you’ll take a selfie and upload a photo of your government-issued ID. In less than 10 seconds, our system completes the verification process, confirming (or rejecting) that each party is who they say they are.

Step 4

Verification Complete

Upon successful verification, both parties receive a photo and an eZverifi Verification Badge, confirming each other’s identity.


Step 5

Proceed with Confidence

With both parties verified, proceed with your transaction with added confidence and security.


Empowered Transactions

Secure Every Interaction: Boost your online transaction security with eZverifi’s reliable identity checks and ongoing support, ensuring safety across all interactions.

Transaction Safety

Our P2P Verification enhances security, fostering trust and smoothing every exchange.

Know Who You’re Meeting

Verify identities reliably, whether transacting on marketplaces or meeting dates, reducing fraud and enhancing safety.

Privacy Protection

Prioritize your privacy with our robust encryption and strict data handling, keeping personal information confidential.

P2P Security Guaranteed

Reliable and Safe: Our service ensures every peer-to-peer transaction is secure, whether you’re buying, selling, or meeting. Trust in our rigorous security and privacy measures for worry-free exchanges.

Selective Sharing

We confirm identities using just a photo and name, providing an eZverifi Verification Badge to establish trust without oversharing.

Privacy Assurance

Your personal information stays private, shared minimally to ensure safety and build trust.

Robust Security

Each verification employs top security measures, maintaining a safe and dependable verification process.

Fraud Protection Focus

Our system is designed to detect and prevent fraud actively, securing your transactions on all fronts.

P2P Verification Testimonials

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Founder Faceyou

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Get Verified, Get Secure

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Stay Safe with eZverifi

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