Revolutionizing Identity Verification Across All Transactions

Safeguarding Digital Interactions with Trust and Precision.

With eZverifi, step into a world where every digital exchange is secure and authentic.


Authenticity Assurance

eZverifi rigorously validates consumer data using comprehensive sources, ensuring every detail is thoroughly checked for authenticity.


Seamless Trust Experiences

eZverifi harmoniously blends trust and convenience in transactions, delivering smooth, secure experiences that boost consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advanced Fraud Detection​

eZverifi excels in identifying fraud by analyzing subtle identity changes, providing robust protection and reinforcing trust in every transaction.
Embrace Security

Empowered Decisions with eZverifi

Unlock the power of informed decision-making with eZverifi. Our comprehensive approach utilizes global online and offline datasets to accurately triangulate, match, and verify consumer-provided data. This not only helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their consumers but also cultivates a foundation of trust essential for thriving in today’s digital landscape
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Proactive Fraud Detection

eZverifi proactively identifies and neutralizes fraudulent identities, offering advanced protection for your business before any interaction occurs.

Advanced Verification: Powered by Stripe and TransUnion

Utilizing Stripe and TransUnion’s tools, eZverifi ensures transaction authenticity with real-time checks, including selfie verification and live photo capture, for heightened security.

Immediate Risk Notifications

Stay vigilant with eZverifi’s instant alerts on data discrepancies and potential fraud, keeping you ahead in safeguarding transactional integrity.

Adaptive Data Integration

eZverifi adapts to your workflow with flexible integration options, including real-time API, a web application, and batch processing, for seamless data management.

Better data

Smarter decisions

More results

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Identity Verification

eZverifi’s robust identity verification uses global databases and biometrics for authenticating remote workers and online interactions with precision.

Age Confirmation:

eZverifi reliably verifies ages and identities for age-restricted sales using government IDs and biometrics, ensuring transaction safety and compliance.

Peer-to-Peer Safety:

eZverifi secures peer-to-peer interactions with options like phone verification and two-factor authentication, tailored to your needs and budget.

Rental Verification:

eZverifi ensures client authenticity in vehicle rentals and passenger services with ID, biometric, and optional two-factor checks for trusted transactions.

Tenant Screening:

eZverifi’s tenant screening surpasses credit checks, verifying identities, rental histories, and criminal backgrounds for real estate reliability.

Compliance Assurance:

For KYC and AML compliance, eZverifi offers thorough background checks, PEP screening, and sanction list reviews, ensuring secure and compliant business operations.

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