How eZverifi Can Protect Your Business from Bad Hires 

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In the world of recruitment, hiring the perfect candidate can be a daunting task. Just ask John Ross, the CEO of Test Prep Insight, who had a hiring nightmare with a seemingly stellar new hire that turned out to be a disaster.

This cautionary tale serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of knowing who you’re hiring before it’s too late. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can help businesses avoid such terrifying situations – eZverifi’s “Know Before You Hire” campaign. 

About a year ago, John Ross and his team at Test Prep Insight were excited to welcome a new employee who, on the surface, appeared to be the perfect fit for their organization. The initial interviews went exceptionally well, and the candidate provided references from former bosses that seemed to vouch for her excellence. 

John recalls, “They both loved her and were sad to see her go, claiming she was the best employee they ever had.” Everything seemed rosy until things took a dark turn. 

Within a matter of days, the new hire’s behavior became erratic and concerning. She accused co-workers of spying on her, insulted her manager, and even began showing up at the office in the dead of night. It was a nightmare scenario for Test Prep Insight, but the worst revelation was yet to come. 

“As it turned out, the references she gave me were 100% fake, and I had been speaking with her partner and her mother — not former bosses,” John revealed. The shock was palpable, and the damage was done. 

The horrifying ordeal that John Ross and Test Prep Insight went through highlights the critical need for thorough pre-employment verification. This is where eZverifi’s “Know Before You Hire” campaign steps in as the beacon of hope for businesses seeking to protect themselves from hiring nightmares. 

1. Authentic References: 

With eZverifi, you can ensure that the references provided by candidates are genuine. Say goodbye to forged references and fake former bosses. eZverifi’s comprehensive verification system confirms the authenticity of references, saving you from unpleasant surprises down the road. 

2. Validate Employment History: 

eZverifi goes beyond just checking references. It verifies a candidate’s entire employment history, ensuring that their claims align with reality. This thorough scrutiny eliminates the risk of hiring individuals who fabricate their work experience. 

3. Comprehensive Background Checks: 

eZverifi doesn’t stop at reference checks; it conducts comprehensive background checks, including criminal record checks and identity verification. This ensures that you’re hiring someone who not only meets your qualifications but is also trustworthy and reliable. 

4. Peace of Mind with eZverifi: 

By partnering with eZverifi’s “Know Before You Hire” campaign, businesses can rest easy, knowing that their hiring decisions are based on accurate information. No more sleepless nights worrying about a potentially disastrous hire. 

John Ross’s hiring horror story serves as a chilling reminder of the perils of hiring without proper verification. With eZverifi’s “Know Before You Hire” campaign, businesses can shield themselves from bad hires, protect their reputation, and build a team of trustworthy and reliable employees. Don’t let your organization become the next victim of a hiring nightmare. Trust eZverifi to help you know before you hire. 

Protect your business. Choose eZverifi. 


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