Easy Identity Verification

With eZverifi, experience swift and accurate identity verifications across over 100 countries,
ensuring safe and trustworthy online interactions through our best-in-class identity verification
process. Our privacy-first approach and advanced fraud prevention systems provide peace of
mind in every peer-to-peer connection, guarding against identity theft.


Trust Simplified

eZverifi's Identity Verification Platform

Authenticity Verified

eZverifi rigorously authenticates user information, ensuring authenticity in every interaction with complete identity and liveness checks.

Seamless Safety

Experience safe online interactions that maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty with minimal hassle, thanks to our electronic identity verification services.

Fraud Prevention

Advanced techniques detect and prevent fraud, safeguarding each transaction with precision.

Simple Security

Combining top-tier security with user-friendly features, eZverifi is the go-to choice for dependable simplicity.


Identity Verification Solution

Simplify Security Across All Your Interactions

Discover the power of hassle-free identity verification with eZverifi. Whether you’re managing a
company or navigating peer-to-peer marketplaces, our platform ensures that every interaction is
secure and trusted through our comprehensive identity verification process. With eZverifi, you
benefit from electronic verification methods that streamline the process.

Robust and Reliable Verification

Utilize advanced technology to verify identities quickly and accurately, streamlining the identity verification process.

Diverse Use Cases

Perfect for industries ranging from financial services to online dating, ensuring compliance and enhancing user trust through complete identity checks.

User-Friendly Experience

Our streamlined process integrates effortlessly into your existing operations, providing a seamless experience for both you and your customers, enhanced by a user-friendly UI.

Global Compliance and Reach

Ensure compliance with international standards and expand your operations globally. eZverifi supports a wide range of identity documents from over 100 countries, making it easy to verify users from around the world with confidence.

Empowered Business Decisions

Unlock the power of informed decision-making with eZverifi. Our comprehensive approach utilizes global online and offline datasets to accurately triangulate, match, and verify consumer-provided data. This not only helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, but also cultivates a foundation of trust essential for thriving in today’s digital landscape.


Maintain Compliance

Ensure your operations adhere to the latest regulations with eZverifi’s comprehensive
KYC/AML solutions, leveraging our identity verification process to meet compliance,
considered the best provider in the market. Navigate the complexities of compliance with ease,
keeping your business safe and ahead of legal requirements.

Global Regulation Adherence

Our comprehensive compliance tools are updated in real-time to reflect changes in global
regulations, helping you maintain compliance across all jurisdictions.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Go beyond basic compliance with enhanced due diligence that assesses customer risk more
accurately and protects your operations from potential threats.

Automated Monitoring

Utilize our automated systems to monitor and report suspicious activities without manual
intervention, ensuring consistent vigilance and enhancing our identity verification process.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Streamline your compliance processes using our efficient technology, cutting down on the need
for extensive manual oversight and reducing overall compliance costs.

Enhanced Protection, Simplified Integration

Proactive Fraud Detection

eZverifi proactively identifies and neutralizes fraudulent identities, offering advanced protection for your business before any interaction occurs.

Advanced Verification

eZverifi checks if the people behind transactions are real,using things like selfie checks and live photo taking for extra safety.

Scam Alert System

eZverifi keeps you informed with fast alerts about any unusual activity or scams.

Adaptive Data Integration

eZverifi easily fits into how you work, making data handling smooth and simple.

Peer-to-Peer Verification

now enhanced with liveness detection to ensure the actual presence of users during transactions. Service Our Flagship Digital Identity Verification Service

Verify First, Meet Second

Enhance your safety when meeting new people from online platforms. Our peer-to-peer
verification provides robust identity checks, ensuring every interaction is secure and trustworthy,
making us the open-source solution for trust in online identity.


Identity Verification

Biometric Verification

Use Cases

Making Connections Safer Everywhere

From Rideshares to Online Dating: We’ve Got Every Industry Covered

Peer-to-Peer Verification

Ensuring every personal deal is safe and verified.

Dating / Online App Meetup Verification

utilizing the latest ID verification solutions to ensure a safe and open meeting experience. From onboarding drivers to verifying renters, our identity verification process has got you covered.

Age Restricted Online Purchases

Ensure compliance and safety in sales of age-restricted products with a thorough identity verification process, establishing us as the best provider for age verification.

Fintech (KYC/AML)

Banking and finance, secured with foolproof identity checks for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, now leveraging passport verification for international clients.


Notary services now utilize electronic verification methods to ensure authenticity.

Dating / Online App Meetup Verification

From onboarding drivers to verifying renters, we've got you covered.

Age Restricted Online Purchases

Ensure compliance and safety in sales of age-restricted products with thorough age verification.

Fintech (KYC/AML)

Banking and finance, secured with foolproof identity checks.

Value Packed Identity Verification Solutions

At eZverifi, we deliver verification with added value. Our service is not just secure and
trustworthy, but also affordable and accessible to all. We’re dedicated to building a community
where businesses and individuals can confidently engage online, knowing they’re supported by a
service that truly values their needs.

Instant Verification
Bank-Level Encryption
Simplified Interface

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