Ensuring Safety for the Elderly: How eZverifi can Help

Elderly man being cared for by a verified caregiver through eZverifi.

In the age of the digital world, safety assurance for our loved ones, particularly the elderly, has taken on a renewed sense of urgency. Stories like that of Eldon from North Vancouver, Canada, highlight the disturbing gaps that exist when it comes to vetting those entrusted with the care of the elderly. 

Eldon, an 88-year-old, died in his nursing home, a death initially believed to be peaceful. However, a hidden camera revealed a haunting truth. Eldon choked to death, a victim not of his old age but of a caregiver who was ill-prepared to respond aptly. The caregiver failed to act in a “safe, efficient, and effective manner” when feeding him. This tragic event underscores the critical importance of ensuring that caregivers, especially those for the elderly, possess verified credentials and a proven track record. 

In this light, platforms like eZverifi become crucial. Here’s why: 

1. Elderly Care’s Rigorous Vetting with Verified Profiles 

  • Comprehensive Verification Process: eZverifi dives deep into the background of individuals, making sure that every piece of information provided aligns with reality. It’s not just about checking documents but ensuring that the person’s past and present are consistent and transparent. 
  • Photo Verification: Just as every passport or driving license carries a photo to confirm identity, eZverifi incorporates a photo mechanism. It ensures that the person you’re hiring matches the profile created, offering another layer of safety assurance. 

2. Boosted Confidence with Verified Credentials 

  • Skill Verification: eZverifi doesn’t just stop at verifying identities. The platform goes a step further, verifying the credentials that a caregiver claims. Whether it’s a certification in elderly care, a medical degree, or a specialized course in dementia care, eZverifi ensures that the caregiver possesses the skills they claim. 
  • Reference Check: Through its vast network and integrations, eZverifi also verifies references, ensuring that the past employers or contacts provided by the caregiver confirm their experiences and testimonials. 

3. Real-time Monitoring and Alerts 

  • Stay Updated: With real-time risk alerts, eZverifi keeps families informed about any discrepancies or suspicious activities linked to the caregiver’s profile. 
  • Immediate Response Mechanism: In case of any alarming activity, families can report, and eZverifi’s robust system initiates an immediate inquiry, ensuring that concerns are addressed promptly. 

In an age where trust seems to be dwindling, platforms like eZverifi are bridging the gap, ensuring that when you hire someone for your elderly parents, you’re not just looking at a resume, but a verified profile. This safety assurance is more than just a comfort – it’s a necessity. 

The unfortunate incident with Eldon serves as a heartbreaking reminder of what’s at stake. As our parents age, their vulnerability increases. Relying solely on face value or unverified testimonials is a risk too significant to take. 

The incorporation of digital platforms like eZverifi in the hiring process can dramatically reduce such risks. After all, when it comes to our loved ones, ensuring their safety with verified profiles and credentials isn’t just a choice; it’s an imperative. 

In memory of Eldon, and all those who deserved better, let’s pledge to prioritize safety assurance. With eZverifi by our side, we have the tools to make the right choices. 


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