A True Story of Danger and Security – Know Your Neighbors

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In the darkest hours of the night, a knock on the door can be a chilling experience, especially when you’re home alone with your family. This gripping tale recounts a harrowing incident from a rough neighborhood where personal security was put to the ultimate test. As a family faced an ominous visitor, their quick thinking and vigilance saved them from a potentially tragic fate.

“My family and I used to live in a rough neighborhood when I was a kid. One night, it was just my mom, my two siblings, and I at home, and my dad was gone on a business trip. Around midnight, someone started knocking on our door. My mom woke up, went to the front door, and asked who it was. No one answered. She thought that maybe it was some kids playing ding dong ditch, so she went back to bed.”

“About thirty minutes later, again, someone starts knocking. She gets up and peers through the side window to see if she can spot anyone out there, but nobody is there. She starts to worry, so she goes back to the room, grabs my dad’s double-barrel, and sits in the living room in the dark, waiting. Then, more knocking. My mom begins shouting at whoever it is that she is going to call the cops and that if anyone tries to come in, she would shoot them.”

“At about 2:00 am, the police finally show up and do a quick search outside of our house while we waited inside. After their search, they tell my mom that they had found a piece of barbwire about four feet long next to the front door and asked if it belonged to my mom. She said that it wasn’t hers and asked why. The cop told her it belonged to whoever was knocking on the door. That they were planning on strangling my mom with the barbwire when she opened the door to see who was knocking. They said that she was very smart to not open the door to see who was there, otherwise it could have cost her life.”

“The cops said that they’d patrol the neighborhood until morning and do a thorough investigation once there was daylight. That morning, as they were searching around the house, they found footprints leading around to the back of the house and up to my bedroom window. They had also found nicks in the window seal where the person was trying to pry it open to break in but failed.”

“My mom always suspected it was this one neighbor, because he would always stare at my mom through his curtains, and wasn’t very friendly. He also knew when my dad wasn’t home, since he knows what vehicle he drives. We moved out of that house after that.”

Personal Security

The story we shared is a stark reminder of the essential nature of personal security. eZVerifi is more than just software; it is a full security solution that empowers you to take control of your safety. Whether you’re a parent, a homeowner, or simply value peace of mind, eZverifi is the key to avoiding potentially fatal scenarios like the one described above.

Don’t wait for a crisis to take action. Invest in your security with eZverifi today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re always protected. Your safety is our main priority, and eZverifi is your dependable partner in protecting your home and loved ones.

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